Race- Human (Brown eyes, Black hair, White)
Age- 25
Height- 6’2
Weight- 185
Alignment- Neutral
Class- Warrior (Tank)

Lv- 1
Exp.- 00
HP- 100/100
AC- 1


Str.- 10
Dex.- 10
Con.- 10
Int.- 10
Wis.- 10
Cha.- 10



Grew up in a small village with his parents and smaller brother.
When Akbar was the age of 17 he was drafted into the village’s militia to protect his family and friends from the dreaded goblins higher up into the mountains.
On his first night of patrol he was caught by surprise and attacked by a small gang of rogue goblins, startled and now weaponless he fled to the village where the goblins came and destroyed much of the land killing many including his parents. He never forgave himself and protected his brother with his life feeding him from what money he made working for the militia. Even after all his hard work his brother to young to be left alone died from disease caused by the cold nights in the mountains. Alone he left to be on his own with few supplies he ventured into the unknown not knowing what he would find….


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